Funny stuff

We were sitting at dinner the other night and Kolten, out of the blue, says, "I can't wait until I get bigger." I said, "Oh yeah, why is that?" He said, "Cause I am going to be an astronaut and take a vacation from YOU two." (Pointed at Lance and I.) We looked at each other and both started laughing so hard. I couldn't stop. It was super funny. I finally said, "Don't you think we could just go to the beach? Do you really need to go to the moon?" He was kind of like Whatever. Good times, good times.

Kolten is the KING of info-mercials. I am pretty sure he watches too much T.V. A couple of weeks ago I was walking around the house and said, "'s cold in here." Kolten from nowhere said, "You need a snuggie. Its everything you could ask for and So much more!" NERD. I am now the proud owner of a Snuggie because my dad watches just as much T.V. and Kolten told him I needed one.

Kolten was playing the Wii the other day and played the golf "Target Practice" game. I told him what it was called and later when Lance's brother Justin asked him what he was playing Kolten said, "I'm playing the Wal-Mart game." TOO FUNNY!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Moniteau County Baby Show

We put Isabella in the Baby show again this year.  She got 2nd!  There were probably 20  little girls in her category.  We were pretty excited about it. 

Of course, Bella made it about 2 minutes before she pulled Lance's hat off of his head and put it on.  She loves her daddy.
This is her "Cheese" face.  It is pretty cute.  She does it on demand. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I want a new camera.

Reasons I want a new camera:

Well, because I like to take pictures, I want to be able to do more with my picutres as far as editing goes.  The camera I have now doesn't snap them fast enough and I want to be able to take really cool action shots.  I also NEED a new camera.  I will now demonstrate why.

Meet Lance...he is trying to catch the cute little calf so he can tag it. 
 "Come here little guy, I won't hurt you that bad." 

Mommy cow wanted her calf to have nothing to do with Lance.  So she trotted off.
BUT, Lance, he doesn't give up that easily.

Notice the big black cow...there are about 20 more to Lance's left.

Now, This is why I need a new camera.  Lance got ahold of that little calf.  I couldn't snap a fast enough picture to show you.  What happened next was, the calf mooed, the calf jumped, the calf bucked and the momma just stood there, Those big black cows though, They rushed Lance.  They tried to take him out.  SO, Lance let go of that little calf and gave up then.  If I had a better camera, I could have showed you this story, but instead I had to type it.  It was pretty fun to watch!

"Ummm...excuse me, Ma'am.  You have a little something, just there."  :-)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Random stuff

I woke up the other morning and this is what I saw. How can two people be so alike even in their sleep??

This is Kolten's new hat we got for him. It is pretty awesome.

Day at the PBR

Kolten's Hat after the autographs

Kolten's "Favorite Bullrider" Kody Lostroh. Kolten took the pic.

Ben Jones